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AQualityTranslation performs certified translations in Bucharest, as well as interpreting and language courses. Translations will be legalized upon request.

Updated in 23.08.2018

AQualityTranslation with authorized and legalized translations (Because the choice, and not the chance is the one that determines our destiny – Roosevelt)

AQualityTranslation performs certified translations in Bucharest, as well as interpreting and language courses. Translations will be legalized upon request. Translation Services Bucharest and Otopeni at AQualityTranslation. Here you will have the best translation and interpreting services.
Translation must be the representation of a text from a source language in another foreign language. Starting from this premise, we can realize how important the meaning of a translation is. Thus, we need to realize how important and complex a translation process is. That’s why our AQualityTranslation company brings to the forefront specialized and licensed people with experience in this field.
But let’s not boast with empty words and let us be more specific about what our customer service means.

Authorized translations in Bucharest and Otopeni through AQualityTranslation

Our translation services are made primarily for our clients in Bucharest and Ilfov (because here we have the main working points).

In the pages from our site, you’ll see our way of collaborating according to each locality.

AQualityTranslation makes the distinction between an ordinary translator and a professional translator

However, we want to make a distinction between an ordinary and a professional translator. Thus, the translation should be carried out at the highest level of professionalism. To deal with this situation, each experienced translator needs to be specialized in a particular field.

That’s why we got translators who are specialized in the medical field. Also, there are translators with more experience in juridical translating. All the experience gained on a domain will give the translator the experience to translate the niche more clearly. Thus, there are two types of translators.

AQualityTranslation recruited from Bucharest, translators which uses a academic vocabulary or they are specialized in the technical profile. Depending on the two criteria, we can put the translators in two main categories.

So, technical translations are for people who have technical inclinations and technical translation experience. Also there is another type of translations: juridical translations.These type of translations are for translators who know very well the legal terms.

So, each field will need a translator who knows terms in that field.

Thus, AQualityTranslation puts every kind of translators in front of you, who know the areas they translate very well.

However, in order to make a translation we will have to follow a strict number of steps. That’s why, we can never give the price before seeing the translation itself. Depending on the difficulty of the document, the domain it belongs to and whether the document must be translated very urgent. After we will have set all these things, we will give you the price.


Find out more about how to pay for a translation at the FAQs section.

Where is your translation company?

aqualitytranslation traduceri bucuresti autorizate legalizate

Our translation company is very close to Romana Square, in Bucharest. At present, (in 2018) all our translators are registered at all notary offices in Romana Square.

This will mean that you can legalize translations much faster. All of our translators are authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

Although, that our main field main activity is authorized translations, this will not mean we will not try to support our clients. We want to present above our translation services, a technical support and free consulting.

And if we talked about the support service… I do not think the information articles from our site are 100 to 100 correct. That is why we are focused on collaborating with other translation agencies to update the information on the site.

On our blog you will find information on translations, documented articles, new language learning methods and grammar lessons.

Checking translations is another element that goes into our list of services. The procedures for this type of service can be found on the translation verification page.


Documents can be handed over to our headquarters in Bucharest, Dorobanti Street, no. 36-40, near the Embassy of Serbia and very close to Romana Square. We also have a working point in Otopeni, Nalbei Street, Nr. 37.

If the Bucharest translation service is useless for you (because you live in another locality) … Our collaboration will be done through the mail and the courier system.

How are AQualityTranslation translators recruited?

The translations are done by people with completed and in-depth studies for that language. Translators will only be recruited after they have presented a portfolio and received a test. Depending on the two factors, we can draw various conclusions. We can find the level and niche in which the translator is specialized. So we can not make translator every person who finished the faculty or have completed a foreign language course. He must have an experience of over 5 years to translate documents with great difficulty.


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