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What does technical translations mean?

Where can I find a translation office to translate this type of translation?

Technical translations – another model of translations

I have to translate a technical document. I want the translation to be as accurate as possible!

In this article we will find out what technical translations mean. So let’s start…

Every product on the market has a user manual and a warranty certificate. The big problem is that the product must be accepted for sale. Unfortunately, a product can not be sold directly to the store.

This will require the translation of the user manual, warranty certificate, etc. All these documents are also called technical documents. The two items listed will need to be translated into the language of the country where the product will be marketed. So there will be a new type of translation, the technical translation model.

As the same as specialized translations or juridical translations, they are translated by people who are inclined towards the technical side. We will not be able to put translators with a vocabulary inclined towards the medical side to technical translations.

We will also not rely on those who have so far focused on the judicial branch.

Juridical translators will not have to translate technical documents, because they do not have the experience of taking the technical translation model to a more professional level.

List of foreign languages for which we have available technical translators

Where is your translation office? Do you have technical translators?

Our authorized technical translation office in Bucharest is located on the Romana Square, on Dorobanti Street, no. 36-40.

We provide translations for all areas of activity. To provide this full service we have translators specialized in each field.

We work with the best translators in Bucharest and separate them according to their skills and portfolio.

In order to be convinced of the experience of each translator, we test the portfolio and the skills once every 12 months. This will be done for every translator. Let’s go back to what it means and what is technical translations.

What does the field of technical translations cover?

Unlike specialized translations, where translators with a varied vocabulary will be needed, technical translations are made in general, for technical documents. To try to be as close as possible to the topic, we will exemplify:

  • user manual
  • user guide
  • accompanying product documentation
  • assembly map
  • warranty certificate
  • etc.

How should a technical translations be made?

If the translation is based on a user manual, then you will need to provide as much details as possible about the product.

If it is not possible to obtain the product from the customer, in order to better analyze it, we will need to obtain a map or sketch of the product.

Based on these, an overview of the product is obtained.

It is very difficult to make a technical translation of a user manual when you can not find out how the product behaves and what is its total usefulness.

The translator or the translation office will need to ask for one of three elements:

  • the product
  • product map
  • sketch of components

If we do not have any of the three elements, how can we make the translation accurate?

It will, however, be very difficult to achieve, especially if the product is a new one on the market.

The translator needs to receive a lot of details in this situation. You will have to tell him how to behave, what is the basic utility and the list of components he has.

How technical translations differs from other types of translations

All technical translations must be done in the same manner?

traduceri tehnice legalizate autorizate

In general, documents relating to the application and use of the product will have to be translated under this format.

Other documents, such as the warranty certificate, can be translated without any help from the customer.

Technical translations that do not provide clear and accurate details can cause quite a lot of problems.

The problems can be for both the marketer and the distributor. So everything has to be done with great care and everything has to be planned in time before it gets to the market.

How has to be a technical translator’s experience to translate this kind of documents?

It takes experience, of course. But there is a difference for the technical translation model.

The translator will have to be inclined towards engineering vocabulary and an engineering understanding, rather than a very rich vocabulary.

The translator will need to know how to read odds, measures, and sizes and turn them where it is needed.

He has to handle quite programs like:

  • Autocad
  • Photoshop
  • Arhicad
  • and other sketch programs

It is a different way of translating, and therefore the translator will have to have more inclinations towards engineering.

How can I check if a technical translation has been performed correctly?

Technical translations do not need to be verified when they were done by a technically focused translator.

If the translation was not done by a technical translator then you will need to check it out. Verification of the translation will be done by a person with more than 10 years of experience.

You can read more details in the link: checking a translation.


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