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What are the services of AQualityTranslation?

Translation, interpretation, language courses

The services that our translations office provides are at your disposal.

AQualityTranslation’s services


traduceri AQualityTranslation

It is very important to look at everything with professionalism in what we do and to deliver to the customer a finished product that does not have the ability to be retouched and modified.

A very important feature of translations is their quality. The translation itself is the last step. It needs to be supplemented by other things that come before.

First, the purpose of the translation must be analyzed, because depending on how it will be used it can be determined how to translate the document.

Once the goal has been established, the document will need to be scrutinized to see what field it falls into and his degree of difficulty.

It is furthermore that the administrative staff are to set the tasks. Tasks are determined by the translator’s ability and their specialization.

Ultimately, the translation itself will be done.

A translation office with a certain experience will know how to translate the documents until a certain stage.

Our team has the ability to make translations, at the highest standard, with native translators, with more than 11 years of experience.

We can make translations with and without legalization. The types of translations made by our company are: typified translations, juridical translations, specialized translations, technical translations, subtitles, audio translations, translations of auctions, etc.

Our company offers taking over and delivering translations anywhere in Bucharest and Otopeni. Our translation office is at the Romana Square on Dorobanti street, in the Zodiac block, no. 36-40.


Interpretariat AQualityTranslation

We offer professional linguistic assistance for the most common foreign languages.

You can call our company for linguistic assistance: for the conference and for the negotiations.

Our company, AQualityTranslation, is available to you with specialized and highly experienced people. We can also provide simultaneous interpreting services for several foreign languages for you.

We provide linguistic assistance for several types of events: interpreting services for notary activities, but also in front of other authorities, interpreting services for training seminars, workshops, symposiums, international conferences and business meetings.

If you want to use our interpreting services, you will need to send us the day and theme of the event to be prepared.

Foreign language courses

cursuri de limbi straine

At AQualityTranslation, you have different levels of training. We can teach both beginners and advanced learners.

AQualityTranslation offers different levels of training. This means we can offer courses for both beginners and advanced learners.

We can teach both children and adults. We have the capacity to receive both Romanian and other nationalities.

Thus we can teach the Romanian language to foreigners, as well as a foreign language to Romanian people.

We offer advice to people who want to learn a language that specializes in a certain language, such as economics, insurance, architecture, law, etc.


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