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Medical Translations Bucharest (updated March 2018)

Medical translations Bucharest AQT with a new profile of certified translations of medical translations in Bucharest

Company with specialized personnel on medical translations Bucharest

– What does the Bucharest medical translation package mean??

Translations from the medical world are among the specialized translations, which are based on a high level of vocabulary for that language and niche.

It is difficult for a translation office to manage qualified staff in several areas.

Our AQualityTranslation office in Bucharest provides qualified and certified translators from the medical area.

– Who was more concerned with making medical translations? In recruiting those translators, we had to make a selection across the country. However, most translators of medical records still have Bucharest.

Often a translation is going to be urgent, and then we need our support as soon as possible. 

For translating medical translations, we will need translators with extensive medical experience (specialized medical translators).

A medical translation is very important for the accuracy of the translated document.

Why? ( learn reading the information )

Specialist company for medical translations in Bucharest

The list of foreign languages ​​for which we perform medical translations

  • Romanian English medical translations
  • Romanian Italian Medical Translations
  • Romanian French medical translations
  • Romanian Spanish Medical Translation
  • Romanian German Medical Translation
  • Romanian Portuguese Medical Translation
  • Romanian Chinese Medical Translation
  • Romanian Arabic medical translations
  • Romanian Slovak medical translations
  • Romanian Slovenian medical translations
  • Romanian Czech medical translations
  • Romanian Croatian medical translations
  • Romanian Russian medical translations
  • Romanian Korean Medical Translation
  • Romanian Japanese Medical Translation
  • Romanian Norwegian medical translations
  • Romanian Swedish Medical Translation
  • Romanian Danish medical translations
  • Romanian Ukrainian medical translations
  • Romanian Dutch Medical Translation

Why do we need specialized translators on medical translations in Bucharest?

traduceri medicale Bucuresti AQualityTranslation

The medical field is extremely varied. That is why the translator will need to be specialized in the field and will need to know the vocabulary of the medical field very well.

Even if we can help with the dictionary or Google Translate we can help with the translation of terms, most of the time these can be tricky.

– Why?
Every expression in the medical niche fits in a certain context. Even if there is a translation of the phrase, it must be framed in a combination of words. Each association will be made in context. In conclusion, the translator will have to know a lot of terms in the medical area.

This kind of translations are more widespread for the Bucharest area. That’s why AQualityTranslation’s medical translations considered it to be of particular importance.

– Why are medical translations very important? Whether you want to promote pharmaceutical products, or just need medical analysis, accuracy will be important for these types of acts.

Among the medical documents we can list:

  • Medical tests
  • MRI reports, radiographs, etc
  • Medical reports
  • Medical articles
  • Medical questionnaires
  • Clinical studies
  • Characteristics of pharmaceutical products


– And yet, why is accuracy important? Documents in the medical area are in close contact with the body. That is why the quality of the clinical trial or of the pharmaceutical products will be quite important (as well as other types of documents).

What other translation offices are in Bucharest focused on the medical profile?

At present, there are very few translation offices in Bucharest, specialized only on medical translations.

Bucharest Medical Translation Bureaus provide all translations.
That is why we can say that there is currently no translation office in Bucharest that focuses only on medical translations. However, there are translations firms in the capital area that offer specialized translators in certain areas.

These include medical translations. Most translation firms that offer this category of services are located in the Piata Romana area.

In Bucharest, the medical translation profile has happily reached a higher level of professionalism.

Thus, in translating this type of translation, companies collaborate with specialized translators in the medical field. In this situation, the translator will focus more on the medical area than on other areas.

Medical translations made at our headquarters in Bucharest are reviewed in the last instance by a medical staff.

A multifaceted domain of translations

How complex is the field of medical translations?

Medical translations have a fairly high level of complexity because they contain several sub-domains.

Each branch has its own lexical field.

Therefore, when referring to the medical service, we can include subdomains such as:

  • Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Hematology
  • Virology

The medical world contains many branches, and each of them will have its own language. Every medical translation will have to be legalized by a notary public.


It will attest the authenticity of the translator. Our translation office at Romana Square offers its legalization without having to go to a notary office.

Where can I find you in Bucharest for a medical translation?

Our main office is in Bucharest, at Romana Square, on Dorobanti Street, no. 36-40. You can come to us personally to hand over the translated documents, or send them to the mail address

If you want to get the translation, you have to come to our headquarters. Outside our office in the capital, we have two workstations.

One of these is in southern Ilfov, in Popesti-Leordeni. The other one will be in Otopeni. In the last two months, we also offer a special, counter-cost service for the delivery and delivery of medical translations in Bucharest.

What other types of translations do you accomplish?

At the moment we have specialized translators on each niche.

As mentioned in other articles, translators are divided into two categories: specialized translators and technical translators. In the field of technical translations, legal translations, corporate translations etc. will be found.

The specialized translations are those made by another category of authorized translators. They have a highly developed vocabulary, which has the ability to fit extremely well into the phrase.Specialized translations also include medical translations.

In this type of translations, the translator will need to know the medical area very well. At our headquarters in Bucharest, each translator receives a test.

Depending on the test result, we will find out whether the translator is fit or not to carry out this type of translation.

For all types of translations, both medical and other, we will fully assume the responsibility of their quality. So you can have all the confidence in our company!


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