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AQualityTranslation provides professional translators with experience in Bucharest. What do experienced translators mean? Let’s get into the subject …

You can also go to the Bing Maps page to better see the position of our translation office. The legalized authorized translations in Bucharest, AQualityTranslation provides professional translators with experience in Romania. What do experienced translators mean? Well, let’s get into the subject…

First of all, all of our translators are from Bucharest. In this way we have the ability to test their abilities as efficiently as possible. We’ve collected the best translators from every foreign language. We also distributed the translators according to the category. So, we have managed to have a database of medical translators, technical translators, etc. at the moment.

We believe in many ways that this action has been an innovative element for the translation market.

– Where is your translation office? The translation services provided by AQualityTranslation are in Bucharest. Our headquarters are very close to the Romanian market, and all translations are made by authorized translators.

We can also make certified translations for you without having to worry about a notary.

Our headquarters are in Bucharest, Dorobanti Road, no. 36-40, ground floor, RO.

– What are you doing differently on the translation market in Bucharest? As mentioned above, our Authorized Translation Office offers over 70 foreign languages.

We bring for the first time in Bucharest, technical translators, focused on the technical branches. We provide translators for auctions as well as other domains.

It is important to come to the world of translations in Bucharest with new elements and quality services. Thus we will be able to distinguish ourselves from the competition and we will have all our customers satisfied.

It is also important to bring the most experienced translators in the capital. Depending on the portfolio of translators, we managed to choose the best on the Bucharest market.

We want to inform our customers with every detail. That is why we prepare translators specializing in medicine or the legislative part.

We think it does not help if the translator knows the language at an advanced level. He will also have to specialize on a particular niche. So he will have the power to support the difficulty of these documents.

But plenty of praise and what we want to deal with our customers… Let’s give some useful information. Let’s illustrate how the field of translations evolved in Romania and especially in Bucharest.


The world and the translation market in the capital of Romania ( evolution of the Bucharest translation domain )

How did the translators and certified and legalized translation offices in Romania and Bucharest evolved?

Traduceri bucuresti autorizate legalizate piata romana

20 years ago the translation market was still in its infancy, and the need for this service was almost non-existent. In Bucharest, in 1997, there were 6 translation offices, specialized only in English.

As any area in the beginning, the quality of services may seem precarious.

As time passed, the number of translation offices in Bucharest increased enormously. This situation did not imply that the quality of translated documents would increase.

Why do we say this statement?

Very often, the authorized translation offices did not need the papers to be legalized. Which led to a weak regulation and the impossibility of verifying the translator’s authorization.

At the same time, the prices in Bucharest certified and certified per page were enormous. Because there was no competition, the prices were put to “will of fate” ( excuse the phrase ).

Any business sector has a Dark Ages period.

– What does Dark Ages mean, exactly? In the world of translations, this period was between 1995-2001. 

Once again, the increase in the number of foreigners in Bucharest and the rest of the country has increased the desire for a higher level of translations. So after 2002, translators began to become more experienced for the translated language. 

After 2005, once the technology was developed, translators were able to verify their information through translated programs.

With Google Translate, the number of translators has risen sharply. Thus, in this way, greater accuracy was achieved for the quality of the translated documents.


Why was it necessary to change the Bucharest certified translation system?

Everything starts with translators…

Translators have so far been specialized in a particular language.

For example: A translator who learns Italian can translate documents from the Romanian language into Italian and vice versa.

He needed to complete legalized authorized English courses, which he had to bring to an advanced level. Also, the completion of the Faculty of Foreign Languages in Bucharest had the same equivalent.

However, in any foreign language there are domains and categories of language. For example: take for example the commercial field. It contains several commercial terms, as well as the legal field, it contains many legal terms.

As a translator becomes able to translate into a certain niche, he will have to be specialized in that niche.

– What does the translator mean must be specialized on a particular niche?

The translator must have the ability to translate niche documents quite easily and with great accuracy. However, to find out from what field the translator is involved, he will have to be tested.

Certificates of certified translation companies in Bucharest

In Bucharest and in the rest of the country, there is no accreditation for authorized Bucharest companies that can demonstrate the ability to engage in translations. 

However, ITI accreditation, as well as other accreditations from the European Union, provide this opportunity for legalized translation offices.

How does the translation market in Bucharest currently work?

The Bucharest translation market took quite a pleasant turn. The quality of the translations has improved a lot. 

Similarly, translators’ level has improved enormously. Currently you will find in Bucharest not only translators specializing in a certain language, but also translators adapted to a certain niche.

Out of the quality of the translated documents, the time of their realization has diminished quite a bit.

At this time, the birth certificate can be translated just two hours after the document was handed over. 

Typical documents can be translated very quickly by certified Bucharest certified translation offices.

Quality, in a very short time!

Types of authorized and legalized translations made in Bucharest by AQualityTranslation

The types of translations made by AQualityTranslation for Bucharest

Legalized technical translations in Bucharest

The technical translation system is based on terms attached to the technical field. They differ as a construction of common terms. Also, their placement in expression should only be done in a technical context. Because the document belongs to the engineering field, it will greatly depend on the form of expression used. Thus, the translator focused on this branch has the possibility to understand the document through technical aspects.

For this field of translation, a language appropriate to the domain should be used. Our translation company in Bucharest, has all the translators registered at all the notary offices in Piata Romana. Thus, all technical translations will be legalized directly by you, with or without our help.

Certified translations authorized at AQualityTranslation

There is, however, a difference between technical and specialized translations. The difference is how to use the vocabulary. Therefore, for a technical translation, the translation will be based largely on technical terms, while specialized translation will work on a diversified use of the vocabulary.

The specialized translations are made by authorized translators who have more than 10 years experience in the field of translations. They adapt their language for any type of document, and their translations depend on a varied use of the vocabulary.

Legal translations and translations for auctions

The model of legal translations is a special one. Let’s find out why? For this kind of documents, the translator will need to have legal knowledge. In order to obtain this knowledge he will have to form this language naturally. However, the translator will need to have a portfolio of translated legal documents.

Because the documents have a great deal of significance, the translator will have to portray this portfolio.

Another translation profile is the one used for auctions. These do not belong to a field of translation, but depend very much on certain factors. To see more details about this type of tugs, go here.

Legalized Authorized Translations – Made by AQualityTranslation are made by experienced translators. Each translator is specialized in one or more areas of activity.

What we rely on when we say this statement.

If you need a legal translation, it will be done by a translator who has legal knowledge. These services are made available to customers in Bucharest and Otopeni through direct transmission and collaboration. For the rest of the country the collaboration will be done by email and courier.

We want to offer quality in what we translate and that’s why … We are interested in having the services offered by our office as accurate as possible. Because of this, we focused not on price, but on quality.

– Where did you recruit translators?

We recruited and tested the best translators in Bucharest. Our translators have over 10 years of experience. Since we only recruit translators from the capital, we have the opportunity to test them at the end of each year. Due to their experience, depending on the niche they are part of, they will be able to check translations for other translators.

Bucharest Transaction Market Authorized and Legalized

– Do you deal with legalizing translations?

To save you from legalization and translations, we include these services in the translation package.


It is very difficult to find a notary office after you have done the translation. The translation can be legalized only at the notary office where the translator is registered.

To get rid of this burden, we offer legalized translation services in Bucharest. Which will mean we will legalize translations for the mistress.

Also, translators come with extensive experience and have the right to sign the translation – authorized and legalized translations in Bucharest – 0741 271 233.

This means that each translator is registered with the Ministry of Justice and is responsible for translating the language in which he / she is accredited.

Our certified Bucharest certified translations company maintains a high level of professionalism. We offer you the necessary safety, providing authorized translators with experience.


Reducing by the end of April 20% of the total translation price of the document

At AQualityTranslation now you have a 20% discount for certified Bucharest certified translations, Dorobanti road, no. 36-40. The translations are performed by translators with over 10 years experience in the field.

We are doing new translations for emergency. The urgent translation module is designed for templates and other types of documents.

Now, we have the new opportunity for you to translate translations into English in less than an hour.

They will be authorized by two professional translators employed by the translation office in Piata Romana.

Authorized English Legalized Translations will be delivered to a nearby notary office. In less than an hour you will have certified and legalized translation.

So you have a 20% discount on any translation and you will have the translation done in less than two hours.

We now provide translation services in Bucharest

The services made largely by our office on the Romanian market are translations. We can also make translation packages for our clients.

Of course, the process will be done by another type of translator, but to find out more details about what it means to enter: verifying translations.


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